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wonder why I made such a mistake? a regret?! a fuking thing .. why?! how could I can get so attach someone ?! U right im so attach you!! Haha Im so freaking dumb to try and to have fun with him?! Love is no return .. but do I love him? I really don’t know how to describe the love word!! Is the Love of me is I can remember that person numbers in more than six months?! Haha…. I really regret that stupid mistake! Haha I wanna curse him.. He should go to hell, go die as soon as possible ~~ XDD If someone could hurt me like that , I wish he gets all the bad luck in his life. My regret is his suffer .Haha ~~ XP YEs, I should learn from this experience, and I should have let it go when in those months that he said he doesn’t like me more than a friend. Haha IT is fine to have no luck in love. ^____^;; ANd haha why is another dude make feel so weird?! Love is suck . I don’t wanna date him . I feel annoyed. I don’t have much feeling toward him ..  Haha Ah whateva~ >< XP

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